Real Parties Garden Of Butterflies


I really love working with lots of greens, lights, and butterflies; that’s why I have considered doing a backyard/garden theme party. The shades of green and pink are definitely thrilling, and I even made sure that all party aspects from table scape, venue decoration, favor display, and candy buffet would have the look of a vibrant garden party that everyone would enjoy.

Likewise, the beauty and grace of the butterflies are definitely unmistakable and captivating for kids of all ages! That said, here’s how I managed to organize this type of party.

Rustic Key Invitations

Why not capture your guests’ imagination from the start by using rustic, ornate keys as the invitations of the party? No doubt, this would definitely create a strong visual image of guests as they imagine themselves entering the secret garden.

This is a pretty simple project. Just look for ornate keys and attach a small tag where the party details are written.


A lot of cocktail mixologists enjoy using herbs as a way to complement fruit-based cocktails. That means, you shouldn’t be afraid of bringing the flavors of the garden into the drinks that are about to be served.

Pear and rosemary cocktail are one of the best combinations because it’s a refreshing summer cocktail that you should definitely try.


Try to find what foods are in season and this would help you in capturing the flavors of your garden as you create an earthy menu that has a lot of fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables, and even edible flowers. Though, it’s best that you make sure every party meal incorporates with the theme.

For example, slices of lamb marinated in shallots and honey are perfect as appetizers, while cream of pumpkin soup would be good as the first course. For the main course, roasted loin of lamb glazed with rose petal jam would be perfect.
As for the desert, nothing beats an orchard tasting plate that has apples and blackberries.

Honestly, you don’t even need to hire professional caterers just to have a taste of these mouth-watering dishes.

Food Styling

The trays and serving dishes should be as natural and rustic as possible, and this can be done by using a lot of wood, and don’t forget to decorate it with petals, leaves, and flowers. You can always check your local garden and see what it has to offer.

Activity Ideas

– Create colorful collage creatures and flower fairies. This could be one of the simplest themed-activity during the party.

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